Sunday, December 11, 2022

After sending emails to 2 email addresses: my device got electric hacked several times.

Some times I try to send emails to 2 email addresses of New York, USA. But after send emails: I got dangerous hacked on my laptop device. Its like get blue screen option or its like laptop is showing BIOS code some times. Where several minutes should be necessary to get restart. First of all: the persons where I am sending the emails: those are not any kind of hackers. They can not complain also against me also. I mean they are a kind of good. I am thinking the third parties are making these troubles so that I can not send any emails to New York 2 email addresses. It means a group of hardware hackers are targeting them probably. Now the question is: anybody have an idea how this kind of things happened? if I do not send any email: than there have no problem like now for the last few days when I am not sending an email to those email addresses: than I am not facing any problem on my laptop or devices. 

I heard these hardware satellite has bene hacked at the time Afghanistan War time: FBI- Afghanistan war time. Is it true that FBI or USA army left some important satellite access from this area and gave those to any kind of terrorist or terrorism based organizations where they are trying to control the devices in any specific area. Like NVIDIA satellite or graphics satellite or any etc. If so, USA govt should need to revoke those satellite. If those are not necessary but also. Here I heard a group of hackers are always saying (From Dhaka): they hacked the house electronics devices and made them damaged for going to repair. After repair they claim some money from the repair houses. For this reason they use the electric department software and they gets the help of hardware satellite. Or do you think this north east Asia have this kind of satellite where peoples electronic devices are getting damaged by this way. Its a kind of financial loss for the middle class family members. 

I am a youtuber. This kind of surface and certain electric hack: makes me dangerous trouble. My specific location is available on here: masudbcl 

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