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Do you think youtube is stealing views, ad views or ad revenue? I think not.

 In general sense: may be no. I can say youtube is not stealing views, ad views or ad revenue. But Google or Youtube have hackers: its I believe true. In this article: I will only show you about the views numbers is getting stealing. Youtube is an Incorporation in this world. An incorporation can not make any duplicity/stealing. Because background or behind the incorporation: there have USA Govt. or Federal Govt. laws. I believe they have power to suspend any organization or company or incorporation operation by discussion from this world for any kind of stealing. So from that point of view: for doing business youtube Inc. will never make any single mistake. There have huge incorporations in USA. Everybody knows they are 100% honest in case of payment. I have published a video 2 days ago. 

Youtube add the views instantly but it shows the balances after 2 days later. Advertisers set up the campaign first with Google Ads or with Youtube Ads and the campaign get basic approval from several advertising policies and after pass it starts to show ads on Youtube Inc monetization section. Youtube Monetizer is a policy to show ads and pay 55%-45% ratio based payment to their creators. After that there have 3 kinds of USA Tax cuts, But its ridiculous that Youtube Inc. and adsense together is cutting Tax from the users earning where Youtube Inc. is only getting 45% payment singly. Worldwide incorporations are paying the tax cuts in favors of their users. But Youtube takes the Tax cut from the users by adsense. To know details about these you can see my payment proof related videos which will help you a lot to understand how youtube payment system works.

Now lets talk about the views stealing. Youtube have some 3rd parties access to their main software like Google. So it can be say Google is hacking Youtube databases every time for setting up Google adwords ads or for collecting the payments from Youtube revenue section for Adsense to Inward customer transfer . They are getting some special access to inside of Youtube for ad set up. Every body knows Google is showing themselves as a parent organization where the world is not understanding how one incorporation become a parent organization of another incorporation. 

It makes me confusion. For that reason I had shared it. I live near to India. For that reason it comes as a confusion to my mind. I think Youtube is a separate incorporation and Now a day Youtube have youtube ads website also. Every incorporation have separate payment page. Like adsense have personal payment page. So Youtube should need to have personal payment page so that they can pay their users to the world by their own digital currency (like Paypal, bitcoin based) to the worldwide youtube creators. 

For having application programming interface: social media exchange in this world works accurately. I had set up a manual working campaign to some SME website where these website statistics comes to the youtube traffic zone. It can be say easily that Youtube allows this traffic because SME websites users are worldwide. They are not any kind of shouting group. Its all legal and nice environment based websites. You see top 3 images. The views counts numbers are: (217 + 550 +12) 779 views total. You know in case of pre roll ad and upon availability : Youtube show ads with every views. So if you have any kind of facility where you can delete the views: than the pre roll ad views are getting delete also. So in that case: pre roll ad revenue is getting delete also. So worldwide youtubers are loosing money also.

Lets see: the statistics from Youtube channel analytics section. There the total ad views impressions are: 88. If my every views have pre roll ad: than I had lost minimum (779-88) 691 pre roll ad views on a single video. I run an English youtube channel where the youtube views are from worldwide.

See the total views are 418 from worldwide countries. You see the proof from the analytics section also. So it can be say : I had 182/183 views from worldwide also. Ad views can be miss because any views can not get ads also. Advertisers shows the ads on several policy based but where are my views where the every social media signal from social media exchange is accurate. I can say 10% maximum is dropped. Than from 779 views- 77.9 views=  701.1 views. Now see the down images.

So the total views are not showing for my one specific video is: 701-183= 518 views. So where are those views? SME websites are saying they had delivered the views accurately and exactly. So I can say Youtube views system stealing my Youtube views numbers. You feel confuse? I also feel confuse. I believe Youtube is not stealing the views. Than where are these views accurately? 

From my confusion : Google is also an incorporation. For their reputation they will not hack any thing in this world. Because hackers punishment is sentence to jail or death: maximum time. Advertisers are always using Google ads (instead of Youtube ads) and Google have some specials facilitified software around the worldwide several cities. Or Google have any outsourcing company where they gives the access to any kind of hackers team to check or delete the ad views or website views. These website views are getting shown on Youtube Traffic system. So it is allowed because every body is not popular in this world. You see my stats: these all views are direct traffic based. May be my friends and colleagues are watching my videos also. But here have some numbers where you can say there have a number gap of 701 views on a specific video. I believe any 3rd parties are engaged with Google and Youtube which are deleting the ad views by saying that: they do not allow the ad views from Social Media Exchange website. To show ads on SME website is Youtube ads policy. If youtube allow that SME ads: than the advertisers should need to allow that also. Advertisers are setting up the campaigns and paid the money. Later they check the ad views are served or not served. When advertisers find the ads come from specific IP that it is allowed. Because SME users worldwide have maximum IP. Its minimum is getting shown youtube video ad impression where we are watching youtube transaction revenue is zero on 2 rows at Youtube studio analytics program. 

I have already received 9th payments from youtube monetization program but the transaction revenue on Youtube studio analytics program is showing zero. This makes me confusion heavily that a special hacker team is available from Youtube and Google: between silicon valley - Google/adwords/Adsense- to Youtube row and they are deleting the ads views or ads revenue or the youtube video views every time. 

What makes them different? 
If you believe Youtube is getting hacked: than you need to know: the hackers are always thinking that they are very smart. But in real life they are keeping the proves. Just a very much clear investigation is necessary. I have already received 8 payment from youtube monetization program but it is still showing the zero. So does it not makes any confusion? Can we not take the legal help from USA investigation societies. Because it could be count as a money laundering law by USA supreme court upon proof. 

What is the solution by my think? 
Youtube should need to use satellite internet system. I mean they can not take any broadband cable connection from silicon valley like USA govt. developed SIS: Satellite Internet System and Youtube can use it separately by developing 2 things: 
  • Separate login system for Youtubers.
  • Separate Payment method from Youtube like Paypal, bitcoin.
  • Separate Ads Policy (Already have :
  • Do not give any kind of access to any kind of hackers. 

Note: (possibility) If every ad views or youtube ad impression have $0.01 value: than for missing 691 (If) : I had lost already 691 x $0.10 = $69.1 already. So if you feel confusion: I will request you to arrange a special investigation from USA govt. or from USA federal so that things can come clear or true to every one of this world: minimum to the youtubers.

Every views are recorded by Youtube Inc. Google ads is accessing for setting up Google ads on Youtube videos. Google adsense is accessing to collect the payment from Youtube revenue section. So what do you think? Where the hackers are available. 

  • Gmail : for accessing Youtube 
  • Google Ads: For accessing ad set up with Youtube videos 
  • Google adsense: Collecting payments from Youtube revenue section by Inwards. 
  • Any other 3rd parties access inside of USA. 
  • API Access with Youtube. 
  • APOI access with Google. 
  • Anything else. 
If you search on Google: How much youtube pays for 1000 youtube views and 1000 ad views? You will find the separate answers: for 1000 youtube views 3 to 5$ and 1000 ad views 18$ for every 1000 ad views minimum. Than where is the payment of Youtube views? If anybody does not have monetization enabled: will that person get pay for views only? Here Google answers mentioned that but who is not paying that ? Where is the youtube personal payment tab. 

So it can be say Youtube Payment Tab got hacked where reinstall or total update or a major update can make every thing is ok like total silicon valley software's and every incorporations software's can give this solution easily.

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