Friday, March 31, 2023

Case study: seoclerks fraud coupon case.


Any sales order can get cancel at anytime on seoclerks. The cancellation rate for me is 100:1. The user ahad... has been registered on 11th march. Here ahad... got one coupon and claimed that and successfully passed. A coupon validity is 10 days. Ahad... coupon got expired 22nd march. A new user has Been registered on yesterday. The new user lives on 100km distance. The new user use VIVO mobile set. As far as I know ViVo , oppo , redeme :  they have built in set up for vpn. USA govt.control the payment section. Any works from VPN is not allowed by USA payment division. But purchase or online payment from vpn is allowed. 

So what's happened in this order with me? 

I believe the mobile set was same but the person and email address was different. 

User ahad... is not a fraud. Because he is a new user. New user is not a fraud also because his account is active. May be the mobile set was same (In Bangladesh people often and randomly change the mobile phone set without any prior issue). So here this is prooved: you can not register 2 times from one mobile set. SEOClerks track the machine algorithm or MLP : Machine Language Program (SEOclerk can detect your machine or device change login). The new user is from 100 km distance : from uttara Dhaka Bangladesh. 

No problem at all. The both user accounts are active. In real life and online life I am not a fraud. The Internet system which are getting operate by Bangladesh Internet Control : those are a k8nd of fraud. May be they do not have: 

  • Valid voter id card. 
  • Valid voter of sny country. 
  • Not educated. 
  • Do not have any Internet language sense. 

Sometimes I also feel Dhaka is a big vpn station.

On programming world: Dhaka Internet name is Indian vpn. So if they come on Bangladesh internet: it can be say sometimes Bangladesh vpn. Registration and coupon claim from any kind of VPN is not allowed.

Highest level of affiliate seller around the world.
Hope pray and wish for me so that my future works of seoclerks will be a good luck.

Note: A bad hackers groups are always active on Internet to disable id or username (These can not be work for any kind of human in this world) from Internet by the support of several country government. We know which country governments are supporting this bad hackers group by providing various kinds of Internet codes. One day it will be judge.


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