Wednesday, March 15, 2023

SEOclerks marketplace Freelancing session with a new user.




Some days ago this person came to me and asked me for a session about freelancing outsourcing and marketplace. I have asked him about a skill & national identity card. The person said skill and nid are available. Than I have a brief discussion about seoclerks and 7 more affiliate marketplace websites. The person was quick catcher and quick responder. I felt happy by watching his response on seoclerks. 

I said him about seoclerks marketplace is a life changing program for any freelancer. The world largest Highest white hat seo marketplace name is seoclerk. Finally the person has decided to join with me under my affiliate referral link. I had helped him fully to create the account successfully. Finally the guy is showing the cell phone with his seoclerk profile and made a selfie with me. Here top you are watching the selfie. 

The person has been registered as a seller. The person has been uploaded and updated identity verification in front of me. Best wishes for him. 

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