Saturday, June 5, 2021

Do not buy huge numbers of youtube views from API SMM Panel.

Do not buy huge number of #views from #APIpanel if you do not have any #SEO works. #APISMM was implemented as a regular promotional method for worldwide programmers. Programmer does not have huge time to do manual promotion. For that reason this #APIviews . API views or #panelviews will not give you any revenue because this is the demand of #youtube #advertisers to youtube: to not show youtube ads to the #panelviews. I have several proof that i have bought some little number ( a very few) for my youtube channel videos and I have youtube monetization program also. But the panel views or API views didn't made any revenue like $0.00 .

If you think your video need some views and you are on a promotion of your website, services, products or bogs or youtube channel videos : than you can buy a little so that people can not insult you. But if you buy a large number of API views and if you try to sell any products by youtube : than people will get confuse with you. You can huge #comments, you can get huge #views, you can get huge #subscribers but at the last of the day: you will see the views comparison ratios are not working. If every body skip your video ads but also you will get a little revenue but if any intentional groups click the ads than youtube will catch you and freeze you must. You can not give bluff the #youtube.

If you set up a team who will regular comment you by changing the VPN but also you will get caught. There have only one or two real ways: that is request people to watch your videos by ay approved system of youtube and do the perfect seo. Perfect seo will bring you organic views and small number of views. I know how to generate 1 billion views for each youtube video but I will not do that because I do not want to bluff the peoples. If I generate large number of views from API panel and go to the peoples all around the world and say them to buy product youtube promotional products from me: that will not be a honest business. The honest business will be : at first set up your products with your own youtube channel videos and than apply that for your audience. That will be a nice and honest business.

Another examples are course selling youtube channel. 3 ways they can make you cheat:

1) They will buy a large number of views from API SMM panel.
2) They will buy a large number of likes.
3) They will set up a team with fake youtube accounts to comment each other from the same mac address. If they are able to change the mac address than the network mac addresses will be available. If they are able to change the network mac address: than the service mac address is available. Youtube will find must and must any clue and will demonetize you or penalized your channel or freeze your channel and you will not egt any revenue.

Not getting views is not the meaning of your videos are bad. Not getting views is the meaning of: your videos are not with perfect seo. Even though on my youtube channel I do not have perfect seo for my all videos. For that reason there have not huge videos for my youtube channel videos but also I am trying and applying some techniques. My audiences are few: like 100 around the world.

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