Tuesday, June 29, 2021

SEOclerks clearly mentioned - seoclerks will stay remains with payoneer.


In this country of Bangladesh : some peoples are spreading a rumor is that payoneer will not stay with seoclerks. This is a rumor, false talk. SEOclerks clearly announced that you will be able to withdraw your money always by payoneer. On my settings my payoneer and Hyperwallet account is showing active.

SEOClerks will always allow you to withdraw money by payoneer and paylution. They are trying to change their business model in case of seller section money receiving. SEOClerks have a trouble with paypal. For that reason they are instructed to generate paypal API for the worldwide seller. In that case seoclerks have a plan to receive 40% from every seller. But this type of facilities are not allowed to other marketplace. Like another marketplaces take the charges with 10-20%. So it will be better for SEOclerks if they take 10-20% service charge but the question is there have an API using charges from paypal also. So it will be fine for SEOClerk if they remove paypal from their system. Because marketplace does not allow dispute or something else.

My opinion: Whenever you paid a seller by the marketplace law (as per my known on previous study): you did paid. There have no way to return that. You can reject the service of any seller but your payment with marketplace website can not be withdraw. You can buy the services from another seller or from the same category of seller. So method of dispute is not allowed on marketplace website. A marketplace website can not work as a payment processor. They have to work only with those payment method where dispute or some other methods are not working.

SEOclerks seller: Centurion

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