Wednesday, January 19, 2022

Certainly my blogspot is not showing Google adsense text monetization ads but youtube is showing.

Certainly My #blogspot is not showing the #googleads . My adsense is connected with blogspot and with the #youtube monetization program. There have no error notification from Adsense to my account dashboard. I have already withdraw 3 payments from Adsense. Do you think there have any trouble from Bangladesh gogole or Ad network ?

I have some confusion. I think Bangladesh have #blogger hecker network. Previously at the last USA election I have published Facebook post embed code on blogspot and I got my #facebook account hecked. Secondly I made this blogspot: masudbcl. blogspot .com at 2011. For an unknown reason this blog was on punishment from 2011-2017. After 7 years later I reclaimed this blog by another gmail address: . At first I made the blogspot address by : > Here confusion works. I think Bangladesh have blogger heckers access and I heard a Bangladeshi team have access to delete the posts from facebook and Blogger. Did they made this trouble or is it the trouble of Google/Bus/Network hecking zone ?

Before 2013: I made huge time blogging in Dhaka several place. Like by mobile: Symphony FT 40 : and at shabagh. So there have enough enemy against my blog from 2011 to still now. Hope the govt. or state will not be an enemy.

See Proof Youtube Monetization is enable up to today:

Note: Long years ago : A Bangladeshi war criminal challenged me: I would not be able to withdraw money from Adsense. I had withdrawn money from adsense already 3 times. After withdraw first time money from adsense to Bangladeshi private banks: that war criminal has been died successfully. They were 3 war criminals together. Now they are 2 alive. I think they will also get die. This time I was trying only make 100$ from adsense and got success also. Because Adsense take 32% from the total earnings. This month my earnings are already : 79$.  I think to make the ad limit is the local arrangement by the heckers and in this way they are trying to control Bangladesh Internet Society. The maximum Bangladeshi heckers are illeterate. They do not study. They always try to control Bangladesh Internet Society and they always look for local money to the local persons by getting the extra facilities from California: Silicon Valley. Such a horrible and terrible traffic society. 

Like this time they are not understanding what is the API Traffic from several sources : for that reason they are trying to block some website ad shows. This types of controls should need to remove by silicon valley companies from Bangladeshi Hecker Team (If Applicable). 

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