Monday, January 10, 2022

How much youtube pays for one view? Per views 01 cent. 789 views : $7.14


The image is showing 1789 views. But I have bought 1000 views within the last 36 hours. For that reason you can say : 1789-1000 views= 789 views. The revenue is showing $3.93. This revenue is as a 55%. That what is the rest of the 45% revenue? That is: 3.21$. 

The calculation is: $3.93 x 45/55 = $3.21
What is the total ? $3.93 +$3.21= $7.14 dollar. 

For 789 views I got $7.14 dollar. 
We know 100 cents= 1 dollar. 
Than $7.14 x 100 cents= 714 cents.
Than how much I am getting for one view?

Lets calculate: 714 cents / 789 views= 0.90 or $0.090 cents. 
A little bit low from 1 cents. 

I have already received 3 payments from youtube monetization program. You can see all of the payment proof related video tutorials on my youtube channel: masudbcl 

Youtube pays their creators as a 55%-45% ratio based. Moreover there have USA TAx cut and Invisible Tax cut. I have already provided USA TAx cut: 3 times with 3 payments which are 25$ from my total earnings as a 55%. By my think Youtube can pay their creators as a 80%-20% because this is huge charges. Moreover they need to pay the charges also. In this world every earning program cuts only 10-20% from the freelancers/Bloggers earnings. Like I do work with the marketplace website also and there the deduction charges are 10-20% only. So youtube should need to follow the same rules for the world. Because the peoples which are earning they are seems to be poor or struggler. On the other hand youtube inc. is a rich company. Its not a begger company at least. 

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