Saturday, January 22, 2022

How much youtube pays for one view? 681 views 3.06$


Out of 681 views : 200 views are paid views from social media panel. You know youtube advertisers do not run ad with the paid views. So if you buy views from API SMM Panel: than do not buy more than 100 or 200. Because if you buy too much views than you will not get pay any more ecept < $0.01. 

Here from 681 views : I need to deduct the 200 views. 

681-200= 481 views. 

For 481 views I got 3.06$

3.06$ = 300 cents (100 cents= 1 dollar). 

I have received this 3.06$ as a 55%. 

As a 45% youtube taken: 2.50$. 

You know youtube pays the money as a 55%-45% ratio based. 

Here the total earnings are: 3.06$+ 2.50$ = $5.56

$5.56 = 556 cents. 

Now calculate how much youtube is paying me in here for one view.

Total revenue/Total views

556/481= 1.15 cents.

Like: $0.0115 or some little bit more. 

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