Wednesday, August 10, 2022

Does youtube shorts pay Bangladesh? Any amount of from youtube regular announce 100 Miion dollar/month.


Youtube shorts based youtube channel: masudbcl pigeon loft

I have a pigeon based youtube channel: masudbcl pigeon loft. There I have uploaded minimum 100+ shorts video. Tey generate automatic views on every hours which are very much expected but not a uge. Like within the last 48 hours 200. 

Youtube pays 100 million dollar on every month for shorts videos upload and views monetization issue. I am connected all major youtube groups of Bangladesh on Facebook: there I didnt saw any proof about #shorts monetization payment to any one. After uploading 100 pigeon related shorts video : I got only one cent from one shorts video. See all of my shorts videos on my youtube channel. 

See some of my shorts videos on my youtube channel: masudbcl pigeon loft. If you love the white pigeon than please share it with your friends, societies, communities and social media websites.

Note: I had 2 more previous youtube accounts. On 2011 time: I had a channel by the same name: masudbcl. There once upon a time within 2011 at midnight a group ws discussing with me at online. I was thinking to upload a shorts video of below 15 seconds. I thought and I have uploaded a v=shorts video on my second youtube account. Intantly after upload I have lost all of my details of gmail youtube, odesk, elance and some more accounts. Still now remembering that moment when I got trouble about the shorts video upload. Now  aday shorts video upoad is very easy after 11 yers of time. But for the shots monetization I didnt saw any one got paid from Bangladesh for youtube shorts video upload. I look and keep an eye open every time on Facebook groups. This program shoul need to be 100% honet for every country.

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