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Thursday, August 4, 2022

Youtuber masudbcl 7th youtube payment proof. Not getting 62$+ accurate adjustment.

At first watch the top video full. This is the 7th payment proof from youtube monetization program for my youtube channel: masudbcl 

Channel: 01 

Channel: 02

I have received 7th payment from youtube monetization program. This time I got a trouble with my total payment. For the month of May for my first channel: masudbcl the main payment was 104$. For June: the payment was 92$. But I have received 76$  and 60$. Second channel was: 15$ for May and 5$+ June. This payment comes to me with May+June 2022 together. I was thinking the Tax cut may be but it corssed 60$ which was quite impossible. Because for submitting E Tin the maximum Tax cut will be 45$ on 3 categories (10% each one).Here one USA adjustment is available 5.46$. So the total deducting may be maximum 30$. But I am finding a gap of 60$+ (deducting can be 35$ maximum).  These balances are 55% of the total earning and I have details proof on Facebook about the earning statement.

I had received the payment from youtube monetization by adsense. I have submitted my Etin certificate some months ago. 

This is the Etin certification proof. This time I didnt received the USA Tax cut 1 and 2 Information. My another channel : masudbcl pigeon loft have some balance also. 

All over 2 channel total fund: I am not getting 62$ accurately. For submitting ETin : the maximum charges will be 45$ on 3 categories. For 150$ payment: with E Tin; 3 categories 30$ and for 50$ 3 categories 15$. I didnt received any notification from Youtube Monetization Program about this deduct. Without nay prior notification the balance got vanished. See all of my payment prooves together in here. I didn't faced such as this trouble with my any previous payments. 

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