Friday, August 5, 2022

Youtube Launched a new button on monetization tab: named Youtube Shopping. Youtube with shopify.

 If you have shopify store ready: you can connect it with the youtube monetization tab instantly. Youtube launched a new update: named Youtube Shopping button. Your shopify store will be visible to your viewers on a different ways. Your sales will be increase and you will be happy to see the increase number of traffic, visitors and sales to your shopify store.

If you are failure on youtube monetization program: than you can connect a shopify store. You can go collaboration with your shopify store and you can start getting good number of sales. 

If you do not have shopify store than you can create a new one by going to shopify web address. Youtube is the world largest second search engine in this world. So they have some personal seo which can bring a huge number of sales for your shopify store. If you do not have youtube monetization enabled than you can create a new good video, Buy monetization eligibility package from any reliable and trusted (You can contcat with me also) social media marketing agent. 

See youtuber masudbcl youtube monetization program journet with a playlist video tutorial. 

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