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Thursday, November 17, 2022

First 1000$ from my youtube channel: masudbcl as a 55%.


Today I have passed 1000$ for my youtube channel as a 55%. You know youtube cuts 45% every time from the youtube creators earning. Moreover I have already received 8th payment from youtube monetization program. There I have paid minimum 200$ as a USA tax cuts. So lets calculate the total earnings are: $1001.17 x 45 /55= $819.13 + 200$ USA Tax cut = $1019.13. So total earnings are: $1001.17 + $ 1019.13 = $2020.30 

So what is my per 1000 views earning? Lets calculate: $2020.30 / 200k views. You see the total views are: 256k but I have bought 56k average from social media panel where Youtube advertiser does not show ads on social media panel views. So here is the calculation: $2020.30 / 200k = $10.10 
So you can say I am earning 10$ for per 1000 views. There have USA tax cuts + Youtube cuts 45% makes the earnings are minimum. 

See all of my payment prooves together on my youtube channel: masudbcl 

Note: Bangladeshi hackers were promised to leave my youtube channel after I earn first 1000$ as a 55%.

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