Tuesday, November 22, 2022

Its my 43rd birthday. masudbcl

I didn't received any kind of big announcement in my life from any reliable and trusted sources. I didn't saw any kind of big announcement by my name on TV or newspapers or online news papers. So if any body say you there have a big announcement by my name : than do not believe that. Because that is not showing to me by any format: like by any email.

If anybody say in this world I am a billionaire or millionaire or croer or 100k owners: than do not believe that. Because I do not have any kind of large money access on online or internet or any real life. So if you hear these kinds of talk: than do not believe that.

I didn't gave any money to any one by share (Bhagh batoara). I only earn from internet about my personal cost (like now I am doing you tubing and that is not very large or huge). So If you hear that any body is saying I gave them some money by bhagh bhatoara or share %: than do not believe that.

Anybody can become a billionaire or millionaire at the future time. I wish I will be one day: but currently I am a poor person. I do not have huge or large amount of money or access on my banks or cash. So do not believe if anybody say you I am rich or some thing.

Today 23rd Nov. is my birthday. Hope you will wish for me long life and healthy life. I am a very much simple person. In this world there have huge and huge peculiar societies which are always using me or my name or fame: requesting do not believe those talks.

I do not have any plots, flats or lands by my name in this world which I had bought by my own money or by my own earning. So if you hear from any where that I have huge plots or huge flats or huge lands: than do not believe that. My father have some and from my father I can get 1 or 2 at the future time.

I love travelling and blogging. Vlogging and earning from internet also. In this birthday: I am making a wish: I want to travel the full world as a traveler or blogger. Like minimum 5000 cities around the worldwide.

Its my 43birthday. Hope you will wish me for best.

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