Thursday, November 10, 2022

Didnt got paid 100$ from YPP but already got Tax cut 40$. Horrible and Terrible.

 At first read this article. Cruelty of Youtube monetization Taxcut.

Basiclaly I am not working hardly for these 2 months of September and october as like as relax. But also this month I have generated 65.91$ and received 48$ 79.97$-31.97$=48$) some times ago after tax cut. Previous month USA Tax cut policy cut my $22.12. This month got cut also $65.91-48 =$17.91. Which is already Tax cut $22.12+$17.91=$40.03. I have 2 youtube channel which are monetized but I use one adsense account. So here the Tax cut will be maximum 20-30%on 2 to 3 categories (Still now USA traffic tax cut is pending). But in real life its going to 30%+ high. For the proof of this things to the world I am earning slowly in these 2 months. Lets see where Adsense said they will cut 10%. They ddint mentioned 1 youtube channel or 2 youtube channels. They said for using one adsense account I have to pay 10%+10%+10% (last 10% is USA traffic Tax cut which get cut at the time of bank payment from adsense) USA Tax cut maximum. 

See the down video details : here I have mentioned my total earnings and total Tax cut. All total I have 79.97$ already and I have paid 40$ tax cut already. where my one channel: masudbcl pigeon loft have only 15$ earning as a 55% for the last 2 months. Did't got the clear notification how much I am earning from my channels for this october month accurately because they take time to show it accurately. 

So in case of youtube monetization program USA tax cut is huge. Basically its like 50$+ for every time you are earning 100$. For this month of work I shall get payment on december. Than I will show you how much I got USA Tax cut for uploading one video. 

See here is the earnings are: $57.25 as a 55%. Than how much youtube cuts from here as a 45%. Its the amount is: $57.25 x 45 / 55= $48.84. So here is the totla earnings are: $57.25 + $48.84= $104.09 for october month. 

See here is the second channel earnings: 8.66$. You know youtube pays always as a 55%: 45% ratio based. let ssee how much youtube cuts Tax from here: $8.66$ x 45 / 55= $7.08. 
So the totla earnings are: $8.66 + $7.08 = $15.74. 

So from the 2 channels the totla earnings are: $104.09 + $15.74 = $119.83. Lets see how much I had received on my adsense account. 

Previously available: $31.97 (see the top article). This time available: $79.97. So total got paid : $79.97- $31.97 = 48$ 

Total earnings: $119.83
Total Got paid: $48 
Total deduct: Youtube 45% + USA Tax cut on 2 categories (still now 1 category is pending): $71.83

By paying $71.83 I got only 48$. 
Youtube monetization program  is as like as a terrorist or terrorism. I am a youtuber and I am not a terorrist or terrorism. I am just thinking how much begger this society is in this world. while the rest of the Inc is paying the Tax from their perosnal earnings or company benefits: there Youtube is cutting the Tax from the users earnings by adsense. 

See here youtube worth is showing : $28.84 billion dollar. Do you believe A company or incorporation have $28.84 B dollar but they are taking the Tax cut from worldiwde youtubers. Is there any other facts are working? where is the Youtube Inc. personal payment Tab? where is the youtube personal email address? why gmail is necessary for logging in on Youtubve? Why is not open for every one. why enter to youtube to show ads while youtube have 

Note: Youtube monetization program should need to pay 90% to their youtubers and they should need to change their payment system. The system should need to be Digital currency based (Like :,,,, perfectmoney.come tc). In this way the regular banking system of USA will not charge any Tax cut though I do not believe USA govt and USA Inc. is taking tax from the worldwide youtubers earning.

What do you think? There have heckers or bug? The only one hope is that the transaction revenue is still showing zero. Is it means some thing? 


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