Thursday, July 8, 2021

30,000 views : 97$ .Finally received a payment from adsense after 6 months of works.

Before going to the main theme: I want to share a thing about some bad peoples on internet. You know freelancers marketplace. Everybody knows what is the marketplace website in this world about to earn from online or generate money or revenue by selling the online skill. You can register with the world best seo marketplace as a buyer or as a seller. After registration successfully as a buyer : you can purchase seo services. But after purchase you can not get return your money back. You can not withdraw your money back. But you can purchase the services every time if you reject the services. Now the bad peoples will think how he will withdraw the money after added balance on the marketplace fund. You have to remember one thing when you made a purchase than your dollar has bene spent on the marketplace industry. It can return to your balance but it will neve return to your account like credit cards or paypal. So do not allow the bad peoples. In case of sellers: do not work with Asian and African buyers because these countries are poor. Always work for the European and American countries buyers: because they are rich. This is my tips to worldwide marketplace freelancers. I have 10 years of full time working experience with several marketplace websites and I am a levelx4 seller on seoclerks : the world best seo marketplace website.


Some months ago : like 18 months ago I got a virtual challenge from a group of peoples of Dhaka : They said they got dangerous trouble about youtube : they are not getting paid and their payments on hold with adsense. I understand the problem because they do not have accurate ratio or they made a dangerous mistake or they have information wrong with adsense or they do not have valid NID card of Bangladesh or they are not giving the right bank address from the same geo location. Than I have received their challenge. Started to upload videos on my youtube channel which I have created at 2017. I had a plan to start upload videos on youtube. But I was not finding the subscribers accurately and was busy with a client work about to remove some bad results from several search engines or search engines result pages. 

Beside that I am also a marketplace worker. So I had a plan to work for marketplace website together and upload some videos on youtube. SO i have been started to upload the videos regular from January 2020. Top is proof. After one year I did applied for youtube monetization which call youtube partnership program in this world. I got approval within 12 to 18 hours. After that I have been started work. Trying to add some right seo and got success yesterday by receive the first payment. The matter is I didn't got any huge help from any community in this world like I do not have any community but my silent friends and lovers helped me out : its must. After getting monetization approval the stats are below: 

Monetization approval: January 06, 2021
After monetization: The views are 40,000 (10,000 was paid. You know advertisers does not run ads with paid ads volume). 
Revenue: 97$+

So far you can say 97$ for 30,000 views. For the security purpose I am not showing the full statistics but I am showing the maximum with adsense payment proof. 

Also check the status and payment proof from Adsense . I am preparing a series of videos for this six months of experience about to get the first experience of youtube adsense payment. Hope you will keep an eye with my youtube channel : masudbcl

Also subscribe and stay tube with my SEO, White hat SEO related youtube Vlog. I will be happy if you subscribe me on my youtube channel . My youtube channel location is Bangladesh.

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