Sunday, July 18, 2021

Doubt about youtube subscribers system.

 I have some doubt about youtube subscribers system in Bangladesh. Youtube have some kind of hard law about subscribers add or delete. They always search for the good numbers of subscribers and good quality subscribers. For that reason : if you have youtube account than please verify it first from this down link:

After that subscribe to your friends channel or known channel. This is a best way to help any youtubers. Every body loves to get youtube subscribers perhaps some peoples cry when they loss the subscribers. In Bangladesh now a day: there have some bad heckers which are playing important role about to delete subscribers around the world. When they run their hecking software or database hecking related software: than total country youtubers loss their subscribers. Like if you use any social media exchange website and use VPN at the same time: than the total country youtubers will start loss the subscribers from that social media exchange network. So If you know anyone which are using VPN for SME : please stop them and say them this is making dangerous trouble for the all youtubers.

Now you can ask anything about this matter. Basically you can not use VPN openly and every time. That is not an internet policy. When your website have valid access to this country of Bangladesh and if you use VPN at that time or if you use VPN every time than you are making a crime. At the same time huge numbers of VPN access: can make a general hecking to every software, internet or every social media and social media signals. 

So please verify your account on youtube and subscribe my youtube channel.
I will be happy if you get any tips from my article.
You will get huge videos from my youtube channel which can give you money also.

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