Friday, July 9, 2021

The world is pandemic. The world is not a..hole.

At this time the world is #pandemic. I believe the a..hole peoples are the pandemic for this world. I also believe the religious straight sexual peoples will not get the pandemic #virus effect. Only #bisexual and a..hole peoples will get the pandemic virus effect and will get die perhaps I think they are getting die now. At this time the death number is 4 million. I am a straight sexual people and after start of September 2019, I do not have any symptoms yet now.

A..hole peoples are mainly responsible for this #disease: because I think by the medical science every types of #parasites are available on human body. If any body does bisexual or a..hole types of sex : than they are exchanging some kinds of unknown parasites also (Because any human can generate any types of parasites by exchanging anal sex liquids to each other) which are completely prohibited by the #religion and by the medical science. So if you does this types of things you will get the #pandemic #virus effect. Viruses are a kind of parasites also.

We are not able to fight against the virus. We are only able to keep the #safety and security like the #united #nations said to keep in #social #distance. If you are not in social distance and if you are not the fuck off moment: than may be you are dead. Virus does not have personal life.  Virus didn't came from the great creator world. Virus are getting form in this world. So if you love any virus effected people than the person can not return you love. The person can give you death virus. 

I can say a personal code line for this bisexual and asshole society: " The first degree will be die in later. " Later means the society which has been started this peculiar types of bisexual and #analsex (I do not have any experience) or #a..hole types of #sex after a specific type. I didn't made #a..holesex in this world with any girl. I am always #straight. In my real life: for the future time I shall never get engage for doing sex with any bisexual girl or a..hole girls. I am straight. I shall always look for the straight girls. There have crore numbers of straight girls in this world. 

In this world the peoples : which feel charm and enjoy by doing anal sex they call themselves as an #a..hole. They are some kind of peculiar. Always trouble for this earth. They have to get out from this world. They can stay outside from this world. I want to give them a challenge is that: why they are not getting child by fucking a..hole or by doing analsex. 

Religion, honesty and safety is the best way to stay away from this pandemic period which is we call stay home !!!

I do not have any future plan to live on Dhaka, Bangladesh. (Perhaps I do not have any personal property on Dhaka: Bangladesh capital. Only my father have a small plot of 4.75 decimals to Rajuk area) I have an invitation from European country. After pandemic I shall try to set up my life over there. Searching for a good soul mate. Hopefully will find that. After pandemic hopefully the bisexual or a..hole peoples will not stay probably. The world will be clean. I will get a clean life on a clean world.

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