Tuesday, July 13, 2021

The issue about my youtube channel subscribers.


I have a personal judgement and jurisdiction about the test tube and special types of test tube childs: The special types of test tube childs which are a..hole they will never go the heaven because they didn't came to this world by the regular natural way. But I heard if they try to become human than they will become human at the hell for 1 seconds after death life at the time of receiving the hell attack because that has been designed also for the hell generation people. In this world : by the law of no mercy and zero tolerance : this special types of test tuber are not allowed on regular life and internet. If you feel love for them than you are a normal test tube. Because in this world there have huge and huge normal test tube childs. If you feel love to normal test tube childs than by my think you can go to hell because test tube got born in this world and you got born in the God's world. For that reason may be the huge numbers of test tube or special types of test tube childs types are coming to me as a subscribers and may be they are not staying as a permanent subscribers.

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