Wednesday, November 24, 2021

How much money do youtubers make?

Youtube Payment for the last 28 days.

12.9k views = $66.99 as a 55%. 

Download the down image and than analyse.

I have already received 2 payments from youtube monetization program. Currently waiting for the 3rd payment. Youtube Monetization Program pays their creators by 55-45% ratio based. The top pictures you are watching that is 55% earning for my youtube channel: masudbcl for the last 28 days. 

At the top image: you are watching 12.9k views = $66.99.
Lets calculate the total revenue in here. 
Out of 12.9 k views you can deduct the 1200 views. Because those are paid views. Youtube advertisers do not run ads with the paid views. I often bought some little views from social media panel. So here the accurate views are: 
12900- 1200= 11700 views.
The revenue as a 55% is: $66.99
The revenue as a 45% (Which youtube taken) $54.81
Than the total revenue is: $66.99 + $54.81= $121.8

Now again come to the first image statistics. 
Now you can say for 11700 views= $121.8
Youtube views can be count popularly as a k. 
K= Kilo= 1000. 
Than 11700 views= 11.7K
The total revenue / The total views (K)= Per K views
$121.8/11.7k = $10.41
So you can say I am getting $10.41 for per k views or for per 1000 views from Youtube

For getting regular updates: keep your eyes on my youtube channel : masudbcl. I do update the latest techniques. tips and tricks which I am earning by my works with my youtube channel as a video. You can also watch the all payment proof videos : Earn from Youtube 

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