Tuesday, November 2, 2021

One day revenue from YPP> How much youtube pays for per views?

Click the images right side. Press the save button. Check the picture custom date range. 01 days date range is showing on top right side. For a day I have received $6.57 for 949 views. I have bought 200 views on that day. You know youtube does not show ads with the paid views. So the views are: 949-200=749 views. 

So you can say 749 views 6.59$ as a 55%. Additionally youtube taken 45% from here. So the total revenue is for 749 views: 5.39$. 
Or 6.59$ + 5.39$ = 11.98$ for 749 views. 11.98$ x 100 cents = 1198 cents. Than how much I am getting for per 1 view? 

Total revenue (cents calculation) / Total views
1198 cents / 749 views = 1.59 cents. 

1 cents = 0.85 BDT 
1.59 cents = 1.35 bdt for per one views. 

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I have received 2 payments. One is: 30,000 views 87$ + Adsense 21$= 108$ got paid. See the proof in below.

The second payment is: 22000 views 134$. The payment proof is below: 

I have another proof where I have shown how much I am getting for per 1000 views in details. Please check.

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