Wednesday, November 3, 2021

How much youtube pays for per views and for per 1000 views?


Save the picture by click right button. Today I want to show you another video performance. I do work with SEO and my audience is low: 500k worldwide. But my category is helping me a lot. 

The image is showing 416 views. Out of 416 views 150 views are paid views. You know youtube does not show ads with the paid views. 416-150 views = 366 views. 

The total earnings of video is: 4.39$. 4.39 x 100 cents= 439 cents. 
So for per views I am getting 439/366=  1.19 cents. 

4.39$ I have received as a 55%. 4.39 x 45/55= 3.59$. 
$4.39 + $3.59 = 7.98$ (798 cents) /366= 2.18 cents. So you can say here for per views I am getting 2.18 cents for per views. 

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