Monday, November 8, 2021

Youtube Data Processing. Per views 04 cents.

 Anybody knows about data processing?

From 5-9 November: Data is still ongoing to processing.

Check the graph. Its showing a date bar is still getting process: 5-9 November.

It means youtube is still working on that dat graph.

On this video up to 5th November my views was 146. Now the views are showing.
4 days balance will be update together. So here the calculation is : 146 views 3.21$ or 296 views 3.21$. I am calculation with 146 views because the first image bar is showing about the data is getting process. In case of Youtube: Views add instantly. But value or revenue take 1-2 days: here is showing 3-4 days.

146 views 3.21$ as a 55%. Youtube pays 55-45% ratio.
As a 45% Youtube taken 2.62$. Than the total revenue is: 3.21+2.62= 5.83$
You can say 296- 146= 150 views are paid views in here because I buy the paid views regular minimum for every video.
Than we can say: 146 views revenue is 5.83$.
5.83$ x 100 cents= 583 cents
583 cents / 146 views= 3.99 cents for per views.

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