Monday, December 6, 2021

270 views = $3.25 | How much youtube pays for one view?


At first download the image. Right side click and save image. 
Total views 370 but I got 100 paid views. You know youtube does not run ads with paid views. So we can say: 370-100= 270 views. For 270 views I got 3.25$. 1 dollar= 100 cents. 3.25$ = 325 cents. I have received this 325 cents as a 55%. 

As a 45% youtube taken : 2.65$. So the total payment is  3.25$ + 2.65$= 5.90$ for 270 views. 5.90$ = 590 cents. The total revenue/ The total views =  Per views how much? 
590 cents / 270 views = 2.18 cents. So I am getting 2.18 cents for one view.

Currently I am received 10 to 11$ for every 1000 views. You can search youtube: masudbcl and check the payment proof related videos. Also you can check the top and down videos. 

See the total payment proof related video tutorial playlist: 

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