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Friday, December 10, 2021

13$ for every 1000 views. Received 3rd payment. Youtube Payment Proof. 12000 views 83$ as a 55%.


Today I have received the third payment from youtube. The previous month payment was 42$. This month payment was 83$. Last month Adsense earnings was: 15$. Than the total amount is: $83 + $42+ $15= 140$.


But I have received the payment in adsense 120$.


Means 20$ has been deducted from youtube as a Tax cut. Which I think very much huge. I shall prepare a video about the payment proof which will come to my youtube channel : masudbcl  . Subscribe & press the bell icon so that you can $. miss any videos from my youtube channel at the future time. 


Now lets check the first image. There have 13.6 k views. Here you can say I have bought 1.6 k views around the whole November month. So that is: 13.6k -1.6k views= 12k views. For 12 k views here is the calculation is: 82.97$ as a 55%. So from this 12k views youtube taken: 67.88$ as a 45% of payment. So the total payment is: 82.97$+ 67.88$= $150.85. 

So here I got $150.85. The total views are 12k. The 1.6k views didn't generated any revenue because youtube does not run ads with the paid views. I bought the views from smm panel. There have balance is 0 or maximum is : <$0.01. Now lets calculate : Total revenue/Total views (k). 

$150.85 (revenue)/ 12k (K=1000)= $12.57. So you can say per 1000 views 13$. Previously it was per 1000 views = nearly 11$. So I made some development for the last 2 months. Last payment was October. Here is the payment for October 21 and November 21. 

You can see all of my payments in a playlist video tutorial. Here you will always find my video payment proof. You can share the youtube payment proof video tutorial playlist overall the nationwide or with your social media friend circle or you can use with your blog, forum, websites as a payment proof. I will be happy if you subscribe and share, watch and like comments on my video.

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