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Friday, December 17, 2021

Worst experience from India : without page visit kindly do not click any ads intentionally.

Google adsense have some clean law. #Google #adsense hire the peoples and monetize their contents which call adsense publishers around the world. Any website creator or blogger makes their content with uge study. Without study no body can make meaning ful post regular. Blogger loves to get regular new new post. Minimum one update on any where within the blog. I am new on adsense but today before 12.00 AM I got a worst experience from India. From India a group of peoples cliked my google ads from my blog home page without page visits. Continuously they had clicked the 30 and I was thinking gogole will stop to show the ads. May be they are my enemy group which had clicked the ad without staying on my blog and blog posts. See the proof: 

See for 305 PV there have 30 clicks. CTR is 11% more. In this such case: google will stop to show the ads with blog or website. Previously I faced one day more trouble from Indian peoples and those were the VPN click and Google adsense removed those clicks. Today Google adsense didn't removed the ad click. But the peoples which are thinking by giving huge click I will get benefit: that is wrong idea. When you are visiting any web page or blog posts : than you need to stay on that blog post for a minute minimum. For your certain clicks without PV I can get trouble. 

Now see this image. 104 PV and 30 clicks. Which is quite tough and worst experience. When you are visiting any one website than at first be gentle. You have to become smart when you wnat to visit the advertiser ads. Certain come and click to the ads is not a smartness. That is a bullshit activity. The smart activities are: 

  • Stay and visit my blog posts.
  • Identify which posts are interesting to you.
  • Within reading time check which ads are giving you interest. Only clcik on any ad when you are interested or whn the ad have some thing. By certainly continuous clcik without PV will give me trouble. My ads serve can be off for myy website or blog. 

I was trying to get win against a war criminal society around the world by this blog. If you do not help me on this blog: it means you are a son or daughter of world war criminal society. So if you do not understand clearly what is ad and what is post: than do not click any where. Only read with attention. Your stay with my Page or posts will give me impression, leads or stay time. This blog was a blog about Joy Bangla related long time ago: 10 years ago. Do not show this world that you are a son or daughter of world wide any country war criminals. Bangladesh have a clean judgement about the Bangladeshi war criminals: sentence to death by international crime court. So be gentle when you are visiting anyone website or blog. 

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