Thursday, December 23, 2021

3rd Youtube Payment Proof. 22000 views 105$.

Right click on the images and save as first.

I have received my 3rd payment from youtube monetization program. This month I have received the payment within2  months. In this year: I have received 3 payments from youtube monetization program. 1st payment: 30,000 views 87$ + Adsense 21$ =108$ got paid. Second payment: 22000 views 134$ got paid. 3rd payment: 22000 views 105$ + Adsense 15$= 120$ got paid. 

Now see the images: 11460 views =$42.68. Here I can say 1460 views are paid views . You know youtube does not run ads with the paid views. So here the total views are 10,000 views. The ad revenue is $42.68 as a 55%. As a 45% the youtube taken : $34.92. Here the total revenue is: $42.68 + $34.92= $77.6 . So now the per thousand views earning for the october month: $77.6/10k= $7.76/for per 1000 views. 

Now see here is the total views are: 13598 views. Here I can say 1598 views are paid views. So the total views are 12000 views. As a 55% the total revenue is: $62.16. As a 45% youtube taken : $50.85. So the total revenue here is: $113.01. The total views by 1000 is 12k. Sothe revenue for per 1000 is: $113.01/12k views= $9.4175. 

Youtube cut revenue up to 24% from USA views earning. If your video generate views from USA views and earn ad revenue : than you need to pay up to 24% Tax. I did paid that for 3 months: first time 3$, second time 12$ and third time: 12$.

So now I can say the total views from October is 10000 and the total views from November is: 12000. So the total views are 10000+12000= 22000 views. The total revenue is: $77.6 + $113.01 = $190.61. Than the total views for per 1000 is: $190/22k= $8.63. 

So you can say for this term I got paid $8.63 for per 1000 views. 

I am prepairing a new youtube video about this article payment proof : my 3rd youtube payment proof. For that reason check my youtube channel: masudbcl Subscribe & press the bell icon. 

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