Sunday, December 19, 2021

Why SEO views are not getting counted by Adsense?

 I have a blogger blog: this one. Named: masudbcl . This blog was connected with my another gmail account 10 years ago. I got hecked and this blog was off for 7 years. After 7 years at 2017 I found this blog again to claim with my another gmail account.I got happy and huge happy. After that I got adsense approval. I did set up the adsense account with this blog and trying to get page views or to get revenue. But unfortunately I got only 21$ in 3 years. The problem is mainly I have been watching: blogspot is receiving the page views and visitors and showing the details traffic sttaus but these page views are not getting counted with the #adsense publisher dashboard. Even google analytics is showing the details. 

To see the image you must should need to right button press.

See this is the details over here. I am getting #blogger page views but I am not getting Page views on adsense dashboard. Do you think there have hecker around this area: named south east asia. I heard a hecker line : (may be from 2011) Australia ( Because Google suspended one business from Aus)- Bangladesh - India- Pakistan- China- North Korea (hope silicon valley will not help any heckers world) (I do not have any proof. All assumption: idea) But do not know all details. I heard heckers do not allow the SEO views because they are not humna : may be test tube generation. They do not have any idea about humanity. Because peoples are earning from internet and they are stealing money or making troubles within the internet. SEO stands for Search Enigne Optimization. Google have a search bar. There have some topology. They are not able to learn those easily. I need a place where I will not get caught by terrorist types of heckers. I need a safety place. SEO is like  afood for the SEO experts.

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