Wednesday, January 20, 2021

My youtube channel impressions are 500K nearly.

Keep your mouse or cursor to the image or picture. Press right button. Download the images by save option. Now check the images and see my channel youtube videos impressions are 456K and my channel views are 100k. I have been started the channel 4 years ago. My channel username is: masudbcl. You can visit my channel also to check the videos and thumbnails. 

Yes. The thumbnail is the factor. This is the first reason where I had lost the impressions and click through rate.  But the matter is : if I make good graphics thumbnail that will cost some more MBs(Mega Byte). In our country 90% people uses mobile internet and paid internet. They are not able to use broadband and unlimited internet connection. Our country is failure to build up that society or system within the last 20 years of work or framework. Internet came to this country at 2000.

For that reason I made the text based thumbnail every time so the peoples of rural area can understand the thumbnails and works and can goes for the full video watch and I am success on there. An expert said my RPM is very much well.  I am a new youtuber. 

Now see the last 365 days statistics. Impressions: 358477 and views are 63795. I have been doing youtube SEO (Perhaps I am learning) for the last one year. The previous 3 years I was not alert every time about my youtube channel. Now a days I am some happy with my channel. Getting some views and thinking about to get improve day by day. Now my youtube channel masudbcl have monetization and I am thinking to do youtube video upload regular. Hope it will work with me fine. 

Total Views are only 5.3K. Regular I get 500-600 views now. I shall increase it day by day. If you like my statistics than feel free to visit my youtube channel masudbcl

See top right side custom range. I am happy with this views/revenue. I am trying to make popular of my channel.


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