Monday, September 25, 2023

Youtube Monetization Program. 135 views 2.45$ as a 55%.

Youtube Monetization Program always pay as a 55%-45% ratio based to the creators. To join and to participate as a youtuber with youtube monetization program is completely free. You can join free with YouTube and you can see the full details about Youtube Monetization program to start earn from the below playlist and tutorials. 

Now lets do the calculation. 
135 views = 2.45$ as a 55%. 
2.45$ = 245 cents. 
How much youtube cuts as a 45%?
2.45$ x 45 / 55= 2.00$ 

So what is the total earnings?
2.45$ + 2.00$ = 4.45$ 
4.45$= 445 cents. 

Total views= 135
Total earning= 445 cents 

Than how much I am getting for per one view?
445 cents/ 135 views=  3.296 or 3.30 cents= $0.0330

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