Friday, September 29, 2023

How much youtube pays for one view? 142 views 1.78$ as a 55%.

Youtube Monetization program is a critical earning system and the first video streaming platform in this world where revenue comes from the advertiser ads and by showing ads to personal youtube channel videos. Youtube is the world largest video streaming platform. Here creators can make any kind of videos and can show the creativity. If you have any unique youtube channel you can start earning with your youtube channel and with youtube monetization program. See the down video and playlist to learn details about the youtube monetization program. 

See the top images. There you are watching how much youtube pay for one view? 

148 views= 1.72$ as a 55%. 
Youtube cut 45% 
Lets see how much youtube cut as a 45%? 

1.72$ x 45/55= $1.40 
Than how much is the total earning? 

1.72$+ $1.40 = $3.12= 312 cents 

Now lets see how much youtube pay for one view in average?
Basically youtube pays for per ad view based? 
If 1000 viewers watch a video than some viewers will get the ad view and youtuber will get the ad revenue. In this way there have a popular term in this world: how much youtube pay for one view? 

Total revenue/Total views
312 cents/ 178 views= 1.75 cents = $0.0175

Than you can say I am getting pay $0.0175 for per one view. 

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