Saturday, September 30, 2023

How much youtube pays for one view? 150 views 1.85$ as a 55%.

In case of Youtube Monetization Program: Advertiser and Geo Location is the main for earning revenue. Like on USA Ad revenue is good. But on Bangladesh Ad revenue is low. See the image below. See the highest CPM on Norway. So if you run your video on Norway than there have a chance to get the highest CPM value or ad revenue. In that chart: South Korea is lowest. So 1000 peoples get ad views from Norway: you will get $43.15 and if 1000 peoples get ad views from South Korea on your video: than you will get 17$ minimum.

Youtube Monetization Program pay to the youtubers by 55%-45% ratio based. Creator get 55% and the Youtube Monetization Program get 45%. So from the top CPM value: the ratio will be divide 55%-45%. How youtube monetization program pays: if you want to know details : you are requested to visit the playlist video tutorial of my Youtube channel: masudbcl. 

Lets calculate how much Youtube Pays me for the last day. Youtube always show 2 days back statistics. See on the top image. Here you are watching: 

150 views= 1.85$= 185 cents as a 55%.
Youtube cuts 45%. 
1.85$ x 45/55= $1.51 
1.85$ + 1.51$= $3.36= 336 cents. 

Than how much I am getting pay for one view? 
Total revenue/Total views
336 cents/150 views= 2.24 cents= $0.0224

Than I am getting pay $0.0224 for per one view? Basically Youtube Pays for per ad views to the Youtubers. But worldwide Youtubers count as an average views based. 

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