Thursday, September 28, 2023

How much youtube pays for one views? 164 views 1.27$ as a 55%.

Youtube Monetization program helps you to earn revenue from Youtube. As a youtuber to join with youtube is totally free. You will be need a Gmail account first. After creating Gmail come to or Youtube app at Android or ios store. Than sign in with your Gmail account. Now create videos and upload regular on your youtube channel. After few days or few months: you will get 4000 watch hours for your youtube channel. After than you will get the monetization approval and you will start earn. To get full details about youtube monetization program, watch the down below video tutorials. 

If you watch the full video tutorial, than you will get details knowledge about how youtube monetization program pay to the youtubers around the worldwide. Now see the top image. You see 164 views= 1.27$ 

Youtube always pay as a 55%-45% ratio based. 
164 views= 1.27$ as a 55%. 
Youtube cuts 45%. 

1.27$ x 45 /55= $1.03 

The total payment for the 164 views is 1.27$ + 1.03$ = 2.30$
2.30$ = 230 cents 

Lets calculate how much I get for per one views?
Total revenue/Total views
230 cents/164 views= 1.40 cents= $0.014

It means I am getting $0.014 for per one view. Basically youtube does not pay for views. Youtube pays for the ad views. When advertiser runs the ad within the video than youtuber get pay 55%. 

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