Monday, September 18, 2023

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Google adsense loading method is a kind of black hat seo method. It can disable any adsense account at any time. Because maximum time a large number of group will offer you to visit your websites and pages and will offer you for the adsense ads click. When a person comes to the website: the internet bot searches where he comes from and record the history. 

Now a day on this Indian sub continental zone this adsense loading method is a dangerous method but after few months or days you will find your account is disabled. For that reason its a caution not to use this adsense loading method or techniques which are available on internet.

On ISCZ area I always see that a large number of peoples are always making adsense accounts and applying this loading method. Every body they are getting payment on their first month. After first month their accounts are going to disabled for applying black hat seo technique. 

At first they buy a domain. Secondly they host a website. Thirdly they buy a template. Fourth they add the contents. Fifth they pass this website to the large number of social media groups. Fifth: the large number of groups started click to the website and ads and they all gets pay in one month like 100k$ in a month. 

So in this case for the repeat case adsense should need to change the policy by not paying their first months of bill. Because Advertisers are not getting sales. All ad clicks are intentional clicks and advertiser have a power to look for the return of the money. They will complain to the upper admins and probably they can collect the number of money from the worldwide country based banks: where this kinds of groups are available.

Otherwise: Google ads are loosing huge numbers of advertisers. In this way a group of people from USA inside also are always destroying the business of Internet world. So every body should need to work with honestly because advertisers are also human. 

Anybody can click any ads but not a black hat seo method where advertisers are loosing regular billions of dollar from Google ads industry. We always observe a large number of peoples are always advertising on Facebook ads or other Facebook groups and saying to take this adsense loading method. They offer a charge also. They say they have a large number of peoples from worldwide every city and they will click to my website ads. 

In this way adsense ads revenue will be overloaded but the account can be suspend or disable at any time. In case of suspension or disable : the adsense account owner will get first month payment which can be huge like 60 or 70000$+ and adsense pay the first month payment must. In this way AdSense is playing a role also to destroy the Google ads advertisers revenue.


Google advertisers are loosing billions of dollars everyday because: 
  • Website visitors or traffics are not coming by organic search or visit. 
  • The google ads click (By Adsense loading method) are not real interest based. 
  • They always use same mac or several software to click the ads. 
  • In this way a large number of groups are always getting corer by not applying any real works which can cause another terrorism or trouble for this world because people should need to become rich by hard work.
  • After this kind of promotions: advertisers will never return to the Google ads for placing new ads. In this way Google ads industry is loosing billions of dollars every day.
  • Advertisers are regularly complaining. So Google ads can get fine also because advertisers come to get sales. 

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