Wednesday, September 27, 2023

Youtube Monetization Program. How much youtube pays for one view? 233 views 1.48$ as a 55%.


Some times youtube pays high, some times pay low. It depends on the advertisers ad value. It fully depends on advertisers ad set up from Google ads or Youtube Ads, where advertiser can set up the ad value for the specific geo location. As for example, Bangladesh CPM rate is $0.70. It means on a bangla video if 1000 peoples visit one ad for the skip ads section minimum, than the advertiser balance will be decrease to $0.70 or the youtube monetization program will get pay $0.70 where Youtuber will get 55% and Youtube will get 45%. 

Youtube pays their creators as a 55%-45% ratio based. If you are new about youtube monetization program, you can learn details about the youtube monetization program and their payments on my youtube payment proof related video tutorials. See the down below playlist a to z. This video tutorial playlist is very much helpful for the peoples which are new on Youtube Monetization Program. 

Lets see the statistics of top. 
233 views= 1.48$ as a 55%. 

Lets see how much youtube cut from my earning?
1.48$ x 45 / 55= $1.21

Than the total earnings for 233 views. 
$1.48 + $1.21= $2.69 

$2.69 = 269 cents

Lets calculate how much youtube pays for one view. 
Total revenue/Total views
269 cents / 233 views= 1.154 cents 

Basically Youtube does not pay for per views. Youtube always pay for the ad views based. Upon 233 views how much ad views are done: that is secret? Worldwide youtubers make this kind of calculation is that how much they are getting pay for per 1000 views. On this way, from the top calculation I can say I am getting $0.0154 cents for per one view. 

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