Saturday, September 23, 2023

Youtube Monetization Program 168 views 1.81$ as a 55%. Youtube Secrets Revealed.

What is the secrets for this ratio? 
Previously I have received 10 payments total for YMP : Youtube monetization program about this types of earning matter. Here you are watching the revenue: 168 views 1.81$ as a 55%. For knowing details you should need to watch the full video tutorials about my youtube payment proof video tutorials playlist. After watching the full video tutorials you can get the secrets because I have discussed the method over there. 


You know youtube monetization program pays every one as a 55% for creators and 45% for youtube ratio based. So as a 100% how much I had earnt? 

168 views 1.81$ as a 55%
168 views (1.81$ x 45/55) = $1.48 
Than the total payment is: 1.81$ + 1.48$= $3.29 

$3.29= 329 cents
Total views= 168 
Total ad views will be discuss later on private. 
So on average: How much I am getting for per views? 

329 cents/ 168 views= 1.95 cents or $0.0195 
Nearly 02 cents. 

So you can say for every views I am getting 02 cents.
Basically youtube does not pay about views based.
Youtube Monetization program on ad views based.
Out of 168 views : minimum 50 peoples watched the video ads and that will be discuss later. 

Worldwide peoples measure on this way: how much I am getting pay for per youtube views which the correct form is: How much I am getting pay for per ad views? To know that you can discuss with me in my Facebook messenger. Follow my facebook profile and send me a message: masudbcl 

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