Sunday, September 24, 2023

Youtube Monetization Program 134 views 1.97$.

If you are new on youtube monetization program: at first you should need to know how youtube payment system works? For the details of youtube monetization program payment proof: you can watch the video tutorial playlist from the youtube channel: masudbcl.


See the top statistics image. 
134 views 1.97$ as a 55%.
You know youtube monetization program always pays as a 55%-45% ratio based.
Youtube cut: 1.97$ x 45/55= 1.61$

So the total earnings for the 134 views is: 
1.97$ + 1.61$=3.58$
3.58$= 358 cents 

Lets calculate how much I am getting pay for each views.
358 cents/ 134 views= 2.67 cents= 0.0267$

So the calculation is: I am getting pay 0.0267$ for per 1 views.
Though Youtube does not pay for the per views based. Youtube pays for every ad views. How much ad views has bene performed: it will be discuss later. 

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