Friday, October 1, 2021

youtube payment proof | 50k views 231$ as a 55% | How much youtube pays for per 1000 views?


If you are not with this ration than I believe your channel is infracted. Infracted channel can not stay for long term. Can be delete at any time. So increase SEO for your youtube channel if you are not with this ratio. Fortunately I am with this ration. You can read the below article and can subscribe my youtube channel : masudbcl 

Some one said to me some years ago: a youtube channel needs 4 years maximum to get rank. I did opened this youtube channel at 2017. Uploaded first video at 2018 and started to upload videos regular from January 2020. After one year applied for the monetization program and got the approval within 18 hours. After getting approval I am working regular and now I am waiting for the second payment. I have received the first payment: 30,000 views 87$ + Adsense 21$= 108$ got paid. For adsense today is the balance date. Out of 231$ I have already received 87$ and I am expecting rest of the : 144$ about this month of payment.  This will be the second payment from youtube and the all options will be fill up in youtube studio analytics program. See the top picture: there 75.5 k views is showing but I bought 25.5 k views from social media panel where youtube does not run the ads with paid views. So you can minus 25.5k views from 75.5 k views. 

75.5 k views- 25.5 k views= 50k views = 231$ as a 55% (You know youtube paus as a 55%- 45% ratio). 
231$ / 50 k views= 4.32 $ for per 1000 views as a 55%. 
As a 45% youtube took 189$. For per 1000 : 3.78 $
So the full payment is  for 50 k views are: 231$+189$= 420$

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Or browse from browser:  Check the down youtube video playlist for regular payment proof of masudbcl youtube channel.

Note: Previously received 87$ for 30,000 views= Now the views numbers are 50000. Views numbers has been increased 20000. Dollar increase 231$-87$= 144$. So for the second term I am getting 144$/20k = 7.2$ for per 1000 views.

Do you know the secrets. Use hashtag (#tag with important keywords) with your every video title (1) and description (minimum 3). Do the proper SEO. If you love my tips, please subscribe: masudbcl (Subscribe by gmail) 

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