Monday, October 4, 2021

51k views =236$. Youtube Payment Proof.


Total Views 76.8 views. Stats are 1 day delayed.
25.8k views are paid views. 76.8 k views - 25.8k views = 51k views
For 51k views I got 236$. 
236/51k= 4.627$ for per 1000 view as a 55%.
Lets identify the rest of the 45% of 51k views =193$
Total 236$ + 193$= 429$
429$/51k= 8.41$
As a 100% I am receiving 8.41$ for per 1000 views.
You know: youtube took 45% from the creators revenue. 

Search Youtube: masudbcl & subscribe & press the bell icon.
Or browse:

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