Tuesday, October 19, 2021

Paymentbd account renew | Nearly 300K BDT is earning from personal client within pandemic period.

Peoples uses paypal from Bangladesh by several ways. The ways are:
  • Make any country business account where Bangladesh is available and uses that. Verify this types of account by Payoneer (Bank of America accounts) and receive the payment directly to the bank accounts. I do not have experience as like as that. 

  • Use friends or relatives account which are available on outside of Bangladesh as a foreigner and as a citizen. These accounts are very much helpful for Bangladesh because it can be count as a remittance. These amounts come to direct several bangladeshi private bank accounts. 

  • Fake email and fake address based paypal account uses where the highest transaction amount is 3200$ in a year and the account will be limit must after making 3200$. Though the information's are fake than there have no way to verify that. The accounts stay as an unverified and the highest punishment in here is: the account will be close within 15 years. Though paypal is an online and internet banking system so this is allowed until it got verification notification. Here have no banking transaction. You can receive money in to your paypal account from outside clients but you can not withdraw the money to the Bangladeshi private bank accounts but you can send and receive money easily up to 3200$. 

  • I do not have any personal paypal account and I do use my honorable clients (clients from USA) paypal address which are USA verified.

Beside these 4 system I do use the paymentbd paypal address. Within this pandemic time I have received 300k BDT from my clients to Paymentbd paypal addresses. They paid me directly to my personal bank accounts. They helped me a lot. I am still active by their help. Beside this paymentbd transaction: I do always receive my payments from marketplace website to my personal bank account and also from Youtube Monetization Program to my personal bank accounts which call Inward Customer Transfer.  I have renewed my paymentbd account for one more year so that my clients can pay me easily. Hope within this year Bangladesh will be able to remove all of the heckers from Bangladesh and can be able to activate paypal personal for Bangladeshi users. Because Bangladesh is available worldwide country paypal business section.

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