Friday, October 8, 2021

Youtube Payment Proof | Got paid for the 2nd time | 2 types of Balance is showing about the month end balances |


I have received youtube payment for the second time. I work single hand. Only some few friends or well wishers or fan may be promote my youtube channel: masudbcl. But I am hopeful about to earn good for the next and upcoming months. See the top pictures: I have received the second payment of $134.80. But there have a confusion is working with me. See on top picture: there had mentioned for the September month: I got $37.63. But see the down picture. For the September month Youtube Studio Program is showing: 55.15$.

I have marked that with the green box. The previous month end balance was: 95.26$. Here adsense: 1.91$ + Youtube Monetization program payment is: 55$. So the total payment will be : $152.32 . But see on top image: the balance is showing : 134.80$. Here the lack of:  17.52$. 


Additionally you can say the Tax cut. I did earnt only 55.15$ for the last month. For 55.15$: may be 17.52$ will not be Tax cut. Now you can see Adsense or Youtube is thief. Long time ago: I heard from a person on internet: at the month end you will must find the resolution where every thing will be OK. But who will pay the resolution money that is a confusion? 

Youtube is a partnership program. They pay 55% to the video creators. Moreover now a day: there have a Tax cut. Now the question is: If the resolution is true: than when it will be back? Hopefully near or soon. 

I have received my second payment of 134$. I shall prepare a new video with the all details payment proof with my second payment at the last of this month. Previously received 87$ for 30,000 views + Adsense 21$= 108$ got paid. This time payment is for the 20,000 views. Earnings got increased comparatively. 

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