Tuesday, October 12, 2021

Case Study : Youtube cut 15$+ from month end balance. Didn't shown any reason.

I think Youtube Monetization System is a horrible and terrible monetization program in this world. They cut the balance some times without any prior notification. May be at the end of year or at the end of month : they can make every thing ok by the resolution or the USA country audit but this middle time may be generating risk and thread to the world internet which I can not tolerate easily. 

In this world in case of internet distribution USA is the only powerful country over all nationwide because they only download broadband and distribute to worldwide. If the rest of the country of the world have power about internet : they can download that personally by themselves. This internet comes to USA only for their honesty. So I do not believe USA is a dishonest country or their system is not dishonest. Several incorporation makes an USA but may be one or two incorporation are making trouble for the worldwide by giving the heckers access to their database some times. 

I have a previous article about this issue is call: Youtube and Adsense is showing two types of month end balances. My side Adsense fund is showing 134$ and within youtube the fund was showing different which could be 152$. But some times ago or today they did cut that rest of the balance from Youtube revenue section. 

Yesterday I made a ticket to the google support about this issue. I have described full details that what's happened?  Because without getting informed youtube didn't added the full month end balance to my adsense payment. For that reason it was necessary for me to let it know: that what's happened.

After making this Google support discussion: today morning I have checked my last 28 days earnings was 48$+. But now that is showing 38$+. From total balance they have cut because the total balance is showing 233$+. 

I have received 2 payment in my adsense. One is 87$ and another is 132$. So the total from Youtube is : 87$+ 132$ + 2.90$ (1st Payment Tax cut from youtube earning) +2$ (From last month adsense) = 221.90$. This month already earnt : 16.95$. By my observation I checked Adsense is cutting the month end balance and Youtube is cutting 1st week any data works. 

May be Bangladesh or south East Asian peoples do not have huge earning from Youtube Monetization Program. But you can not believe some youtuber on USA & Europe is getting millions of dollars in every months. For that reason Youtube is doing or showing some times peculiarize. But country based  separate youtube database and the separate database heckers access (If any) are the most dangerous trouble for Youtube Monetization Program in South East Asia because I think the specific country database is not within the right hand I mean the database is not getting control by the honest administration.  

Now my Youtube Channel Stats: 
Channel Open: January 2017
First video upload: 2018
Regular Video Upload: January 2020.
Monetization approval: January 2021.
After monetization total views: 79348 views.
Total Paid views: 25500 views. (You know youtube does not run ads with paid views)
Than the total SEO organic views: 79348-25500 views= 53848 views ( 53.8k views)
Now the total earning is showing: $233.16
So per 1000 views = 233.16/53.8=4.33$ as a 55%. 

You know youtube pays 55%-45% ratio based. For 55% I have received 233.16$. So as a 45% youtube is getting: $190.76. So the total earnings for YPP from youtube channel: masudbcl is: 
233.16$ + 190.76$= $423.92$
Now again for per 1000 views. 
$423.92/53.8k views= $7.879= $7.88$ for per 1000 views.

So I am getting now: $7.88 for per 1000 views. If you search on Google : you will get 2 answers for this 2 questions:

Questions: How much youtube pays for per 1000 views? 
Answer: 3-5$
Questions: How much youtube pays for per 1000 ad views?
Answer: 18$. 

Some time Youtube ratio for per views or for per 1000 views will be come high or low. Because Advertisers set up the views per cost as per their own wish. 

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