Friday, October 8, 2021

How to identify Youtube channel iCTR (Impression Click Through Rate) ?


What is iCTR?

iCTR = Impression Click Through Rate. iCTR is an important thing of Youtuber and You tubing time about to identify how much peoples clicked your video thumbnail or video title ? iCTR is very much important for every youtubers because it will help you to identify the best method for the next videos.

How do you identify iCTR of Youtube? 

At first you need to go to Youtube Studio program from top right side by clicking your picture when you are logged in with youtube. After that come to the left side: Analytics. From analytics select the reach section. There you will find the total impressions. You can select the custom date range also. See the top picture. I have selected the custom date range from 6th January. The total impressions are: 336.1k impressions.  Than you will also find the views numbers: 77.7k. Now the method is the dividation of Total Impression / Total views. 

Equation: Total Impressions/Total Views= iCTR
336.1k impressions / 77.7k views = 5.0% impression click through rate.   

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