Saturday, September 25, 2021

48k views= 220$ (as a 55%) . Youtuber masudbcl youtube payment proof.


71500 Views = 220$. I bought 23.5 k views from SMM panel. You know SMM panel views are paid views. Youtube does not run ads with the paid views. So you can say 71.5 k views-23.5k views = 48k views = 220$. Search youtube: masudbcl and please subscribe. This 220$ as a 55% payment. You know youtube takes 45% payment every time as a monetization program rules. The program name is: Youtube Monetization Program. After login with youtube: check on top right side. Select Youtube Studio section. See left side. You will find the monetization tab.  

48k views= 220$ as a 55%
48k views= 180$ as a 45% (Youtube Taken)
I earn 220$+ 180$= 400$ and youtube took 180$ as a 45%.
Than 48k views= 400$. 
Per thousand views: 400$/48= 8.33$
1000 views= 8.33$. 

[Note: The person who thinks youtube is a sex tube than do not come to me. If you think youtube is a video streaming website than please subscribe me. ]

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